Alabama to put forward a new lottery proposal

Alabama to put forward a new lottery proposal

A lawmaker in Alabama will try to set a new amendment to the state’s constitution to change the lottery’s proceeds destination.

US.- Alabama could soon feature an education lottery thanks to a lawmaker that wants to propose an amendment to the state’s constitution. He aims for citizens to have a say when they vote in November.

Representative Steve Clouse wants half of the proceeds to go to Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program. The other half would go to college-based scholarships, just as an existing model from Tennessee.

“I think the general sentiment in the House, and I think the general sentiment around the state, is that it needs to be dedicated to education,” Clouse said. “I think our constituents want a chance to vote on a lottery proposal that does not include video lottery terminals,” the lawmaker added.

The proposal would legalise paper lotteries,scratch-offs and multi-state lotteries. The lottery would generate US$167 million in proceeds annually.

Mississippi takes advantage of Alabama’s situation

Alabama remains one of five states without a lottery, and neighbouring Alabama takes advantage of it. The Mississippi Lottery launched scratch-off ticket sales on December 1, 2019. Powerball and Mega Millions games will also arrive, with the expected date being Spring 2020.

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