“AI will allow us to give the customer a different experience”

Giovanni Garrisi, CEO of Stanleybet Group.
Giovanni Garrisi, CEO of Stanleybet Group.

Exclusive interview.- Focus Gaming News talks with Stanleybet CEO Giovanni Garrisi about AI, holograms, the future of gaming and life itself.

Giovanni Garrisi needs little introduction. As CEO of Stanleybet and Magellan Robotech he has recently been inducted into the SBC Hall of Fame and has been shortlisted as CEO of the year by the Global Regulatory Awards.

That makes him feel “full of responsibility,” Garrisi says.

“I try to explain to young people that they have in their hands the capacity to decide their destiny, committing and working hard, studying hard and respecting other people,” he says. 

And does the industry offer a fruitful destiny? That’s a hard question, Garrisi says.

“The industry is confused in this moment. The industry is facing a period in which everybody is against the industry, as the industry that ruined families . . . . and the industry seems unable to react.”

He believes much of the problem has been the lack of a united font, “trying to find solutions alone instead of uniting to prove to regulators that we recognise that changes are necessary but that gaming is an important part of human life.”

“We will have the first cashier robot in a betting shop.”

Giovanni Garrisi, CEO of Stanley Bet and Magellan Robotech.

One area which Garrisi believes is hugely promising for the future of the industry is AI. 

He’s taking his company into a competition to beat the Turing test with AI that can be used at retail betting outlets. 

Our first taste may be in the form a hologram cashier – “a very beautiful girl” – which Stanleybet aims to test at its retail outlets in Holland. 

“Artificial intelligence will allow us to give the customer a different experience,” Garrisi says.

He noted: “The future is that the computer is able to understand from your face what you want, from your eyes, from your voice.”

 “There is not a lack of self-service terminals; there is a lack of intelligence.”

Giovanni Garrisi, CEO of Stanley Bet and Magellan Robotech.

Intelligence is one of Garrisi’s big interests at the moment.

Regarding Magellan Robotech’s new betting terminals in Belgium fitted with the latest version of the company’s Midas software, he says: “The real beauty inside is not the betting terminal itself . . . [but] the intelligence inside.”

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