AGE enables preview

The visitors checked the new International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour yesterday.

Australia.- The International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour will be the next stage for the Australasian Gaming Expo 2017. Yesterday, a group of 120 exhibitors were able to visit the world class venue, to start planning the Australasian gaming event which will be held from August 1517, 2017.

Among the visitors were representatives of large and small exhibiting companies, with their contractors and staff, as well as the AGE coordinating team. Divided into 5 groups of 24, with each group being led by two representatives of the ICC, the visitors were escorted into the building via the imposing main entrance stairway that leads to a very impressive exhibition foyer and registration area.

The exclusive preview of AGE 2015 also included a visit to the multi-purpose seminar rooms complete with smart lecterns, remote powered privacy screens and flexible seating arrangements; as well as the enormous loading tunnel which will allow all four halls being used next year’s event. As exhibitors believe, the most impressive part of the ICC was Hall 3, as it will host AGE 2017 throughout its massive 19,000 square metres floor space. The whole group was then treated to a light lunch at L’Aqua on Cockle Bay where Ross Ferrar the CEO of the event organiser announced that “already 80 percent of the floor space has been sold for 2017.”