Advocates for daily fantasy sports in California

Supporters of DFS defend that the gaming activities require a level of skill from players

US.- The daily fantasy sports (DFS) websites’s advocates are trying to persuade lawmakers in the US state of California that such gaming activities should not be classed as illegal gambling because the activity is skill-based.

The controversy on the future of DFS in North America comes after  DraftKings and FanDuel were banned to operate in New York. Both companies have now been able to secure an emergency stay that will allow them to remain active until at least January 4. Moreover, Nevada also ruled that DFS can only operate with a valid gambling licence.

Supporters of DFS defend that the gaming activities require a level of skill, backed in the fact that before entering contests players do research and analysis. Therefore, they claim that DFS is not illegal gambling. “These are games of skill, skill that rewards knowledge of sports,” DraftKings attorney Griffin Finan said.

However, California Assemblyman Marc Levine questioned the “skill based” argument by pointing: “How do you justify the marketing? Unless you are pretty sophisticated, you are going to lose your money.” The president of the fantasy content website, Peter Schoenke, answered by explaining that in order to win, all players require “judgment-making skills similar to a coach or a general manager” and that indeed they can improve their game as they learn and play more.