AC Taj Mahal removes Trump’s name

The President’s name will be removed from the facility because it doesn’t meet certain requirements.

US.- The casino and resort from Atlantic City, Trump Taj Mahal is currently under remodeling since workers of the casino are removing President Donald Trump’s name from the facility. The name must be removed by mid-March.

When Trump settled and agreement with Carl Icahn and gave away his rights over the New Jersey casino, they established that the venue could keep the name as long as they made made renovations and alterations to maintain a “Required Taj Standard.” If these requirements are not met by mid-March, Trump’s name will be removed completely. So far, they’ve taken down several signs, but they still need to remove more than 15.

According to Phillymag, a court filling by Trump Entertainment established that the removal of the name is an effort to keep the brand as invaluable and iconic. Earlier this month, Carl Icahn confirmed his intention of selling the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, which has closed its doors on October last year. New Jersey’s Senate, which had approved a new gaming amendment for casino licenses, debated the bill this week and failed to override the State’s Governor Chris Christie’s veto on S2575 law.

The Senate had approved last year a new legislation that prohibited casino operators to reuse their gaming license for five years in case they had previously closed their local venues. However, the State’s governor has recently vetoed the amendment by explaining it would threaten Carl Icahn’s intentions to invest in Atlantic City and to reopen his casino. The poll was not able to reach the 27 votes in favour it needed to carry on with the Senate’s first decision.