Abbiati makes Juegos Miami’s assessment

The Latin American and Caribbean gaming event was held from May 31st to June 3rd in Miami.

US.- Abbiati Casino Equipment assessed its presence at the first edition of Juegos Miami, with the participation of Misty Rodda, Abbiati’s Business Development Manager for the Americas based in Miami. The Abbiati’s representative highlighted the good results of the brand during the unique event, which, as she stated, is expected to become a “great industry show.”

“Having attended the first Juegos Miami show at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, it was an impressive event. As with all first time shows and exhibits, time will tell but I saw this as a very well organized event and one that I hope continues in the years to come. I feel that the location was ideal, bringing old world elegance of the Biltmore Hotel and all it has to offer to the excitement of gaming operators and vendors to an ideal meeting place”, commented Misty Rodda, the representative of Abbiati.

Since the beginning of the collaboration with Misty Rodda, Abbiati saw a big expansion in North and Latin America’s market.  With constantly growing business throughout the Caribbean, Abbiati Casino Equipment has become a competitive supplier in the playing field, with sales in Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten, Antigua and Bonaire, among others. Abbiati has incremented their collaborations also with the cruise lines based in Miami and made new sales within Tribal Casinos in California.

“The Abbiati name is synonymous with superb quality and workmanship on all products and with the introduction of our NEW table line, Abbiati by Americas, we are now able to enter the Americas at very competitive pricing with the quality that is expected from an Abbiati product. Being a part of the expansion into the Americas is exciting and working with the Abbiati family and their experienced Team is a very rewarding experience”, concluded Misty Rodda.