Bingo player wins over US$200,000 at Las Vegas casino

A player won $200,000 on bingo at Las Vegas.
A player won $200,000 on bingo at Las Vegas.

A bingo player has hit a six-figure jackpot, winning more than US$200,000 at Red Rock casino in Las Vegas.

US.- A bingo player won over US$200,000 on a progressive jackpot at a casino off the Strip in Las Vegas.

The lucky gambler was Aurelio Aguilar playing the Jumbo Progressive at Red Rock casino He won $207,691 according to

Red Rock casino in Las Vegas is operated by Station Casinos, a group with several venues in the US.

The casino’s linked Jumbo Progressive starts at $100,000 and 47 or fewer called numbers are needed to win. The number of balls needed to win the jackpot depends on the postedjackpot amount.

A Station Casinos spokesperson told 3 News media: “Aguilar hit the Jumbo Progressive on the 52nd number while playing at Red Rock’s bingo room on Thursday, April 1 winning $207,691”.

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This game plays like an oddball coverall, which means the even numbers are lit up prior to when the bingo game starts.

Once the jumbo hits, all participating properties go into a “bonus session” which will pay US$1,000 on all regular games no matter what level card is being played.

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