1xSlots looks back at their tournaments from 2023 and reveals plans for 2024

1xSlots held more than 50 tournaments in 2023.
1xSlots held more than 50 tournaments in 2023.

The team summed up last year’s highlights and their upcoming plans. 

Press release.- The 1xSlots‘ team prepared a presentation about their tournaments from 2023, the conclusion of one of their biggest promotions of the past year and some other highlights. They also revealed what are the company’s plans for 2024.

How many tournaments did you hold in 2023? How often did they take place?

Now that 2023 is over, the 1xSlots team is ready to tell you about our achievements over the past year. Holding tournaments is one of our main priorities.

Undoubtedly, 2023 saw 1xSlots become the undisputed leader in this area. In total, we held more than 50 tournaments, requiring no small amount of energy and creativity from the team.

Preferences at 1xSlots. What different tournament setups do you use?

1xSlots tries not to limit itself to the same approach for every tournament. We’re always working to create something new and interesting for our customers. We host more than five tournaments from popular providers every month, which means that every customer can find an option that suits them. The length of each tournament varies: they can last anywhere from a week to an entire month.

The team always seeks to accommodate customers by designing a clear and user-friendly tournament setup to ensure that the playing experience is as uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible.

What can you tell us about 2023’s highlights for 1xSlots?

The prizes that customers can win are always different and can be anything from a holiday on the luxurious beaches of the Amalfi Coast to a trip to Paris or Dubai. Apart from holidays, iPhones, MacBooks, and other material prizes, customers can also win big cash prizes.

There have been so many surprises and fun stories, but the current highlight has to be 1xSlots’ biggest promo campaign of 2023–2024: “New Year’s Fairy Tale”. We started working on this particular promotion long before New Year actually arrived.

What was your total prize fund for the whole year?

The prize fund is key when it comes to attracting both customers and arbitrageurs. According to the team’s calculations, if we include all the tournaments that took place in 2023 (networking, local, with providers, etc.), then we can confidently say that the total prize fund exceeded €10 million.

More than 100,000 customers took part in 1xSlots tournaments in 2023. People from all over the world come together to battle it out for the prize spots because the 1xSlots team is constantly surprising, entertaining, and motivating them to do so.

This applies to total beginners just starting out on their online gaming journey as much as it does to seasoned professionals. And there is so much more still to achieve! As the promo team likes to say, “We can’t stop now!”

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What plans does 1xSlots have for 2024?

2024 has barely begun, but it’s already delivering incredible opportunities and exciting events that will surpass all your expectations.

We’ve got one simple question for you: why wait for Christmas to experience the thrill of receiving an amazing gift when you can celebrate in the slots right now?!

The start of the year marked the end of one of the biggest tournaments of 2023–24. “New Year’s Fairy Tale” lasted almost two months. From 18 December to 28 January, customers fought to get their hands on prizes including: a Tesla Model 3 worth €60,000, an iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB, a huge number of free spins, and cash prizes of €1000, €500 and €250.

The tournament was an unbelievable experience for our players. At the end of the tournament, the overall winner had collected 48,114 tickets and opted to take the cash prize.

What’s next?

It goes without saying that the team is busy assembling more prizes, so don’t miss the next tournaments we have planned:

● We have  “Cupid’s Shot” to look forward to as we celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Our team has put a year’s worth of love into this tournament, and it looks set to be a particularly special one for our players.

● After that, with spring on its way, we’ll be emerging from hibernation with the “Spring Awakening tournament from Pragmatic Play.

● Finally, at the end of March comes the “Multiplier Race from 3 Oaks. Start preparing today if you want to avoid flying off the tracks on day one! Of course, 1xSlots also has weekly offers up for grabs: “Bonus Weekend”, Promo Code Catcher”, and Wave of Free Spins”. These are designed for customers who follow 1xSlots closely and stay up to date with our latest news. You can also take part in our joint offer with payment service Piastrix which is running until the end of January.

If you haven’t registered with us yet, then you have a great opportunity waiting for you in the form of our “Welcome Bonus”, which will bag you 100 per cent on your first deposit.

All these tournaments and promotions are just a small sample of what we’ve got planned. There are plenty of surprises, fun new tournaments, and incredible prizes still to come.

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