Georgia Gaming Congress

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Georgia reconsiders online ban

Georgian parliamentarians were urging the government to ban online gambling in the country but it seems that’s not going to happen.

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Georgia casino laws at risk

Leading GOP candidates for Georgia’s gurbernatorial race advanced they’ll oppose casino gambling legalisation in the state.

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Georgia mulls online gambling ban

The European country is considering a total prohibition of online gambling as part of a regulatory crackdown.

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Georgia’s GOP committee against casinos

Republicans in the state passed by a wide margin a resolution that is against casinos and horse racing in Georgia.


Georgia delays committee vote on casino bill

The voting for the bill that would allow casino gambling in the state was cancelled yesterday.


Georgia to vote on casino bill

The casino bill will come to a committee vote on Thursday.


Georgia casino bill dead for this year

The sponsor of the bill said that he doesn’t have enough voted to get the bill out of the committee.


Georgia State delayed DFS law

Legislators of Georgia State would not consider the legalisation of daily fantasy sports (DFS) until next year’s sessions.