Georgia Gaming Congress


Georgia State delayed DFS law

Legislators of Georgia State would not consider the legalisation of daily fantasy sports (DFS) until next year’s sessions.


Georgia doesn’t give up on casino bill

With only three days remaining of this year’s legislative session, lawmakers reintroduced two bills that would legalise casino gambling in Georgia.


Georgia casino bill dead for this year

The sponsor of the bill said that he doesn’t have enough voted to get the bill out of the committee.


Georgia delays committee vote on casino bill

The voting for the bill that would allow casino gambling in the state was cancelled yesterday.


Georgia to vote on casino bill

The casino bill will come to a committee vote on Thursday.


Tribe pushes for casino legalisation in Georgia

The proposal is part of a series of attempts to legalise the gambling industry in the state.


Georgia Senator to push for casino legalisation

He indicated that he’s likely to make another attempt to legalise the industry in the state.