Yori Arami, BETER: “We reinvented the esports betting experience with our new iFrame solution”

Yori Arami, Chief Revenue Officer at BETER.
Yori Arami, Chief Revenue Officer at BETER.

In dialogue with Focus Gaming News, Yori Arami, Chief Revenue Officer at BETER, explains the innovations introduced in order to bring the new generations.

Exclusive interview.- Yori Arami, Chief Revenue Officer at BETER, granted an interview with Focus Gaming News and he analysed the evolution of the sports betting segment in recent years, and the changes necessary to reach the youngest players.

Two months ago, BETER announced that it would be extending its partnership with Bayes Esports and this collaboration has just gone even deeper as BETER has become the official odds provider for BODEX, Bayes’ platform. Is there some kind of grand strategy behind these developments?

Yes, that’s right. We consider esports to be one of our flagship verticals and see great potential in it as a sector that presents a wealth of new opportunities to us, our clients, and the betting industry as a whole. We are gradually moving towards our goal of providing the most comprehensive esports offering available on the market.

Taking this into account, we have recently extended and expanded our strategic partnership with Bayes Esports, the world’s leading supplier of official live esports data. Working with such a respectable organisation not only means we can offer reliable odds, but it also significantly increases the uptime and allows us to manage the integrity risks more effectively. Our aim has always been to provide the best betting experience we can while maintaining the highest possible standards in terms of integrity.

We recently became an official esports odds provider for Bayes Esports’ BODEX platform. BODEX is a marketplace where odds from both general and specialized traders are combined on a single platform, giving operators access to betting odds from a range of sources all in one place. We are delighted that the Bayes team has chosen us as their partner, and has put their faith in us as a leading and reliable esports provider.

Our company’s strategic goal is to make sure that the end user gets to enjoy the entertainment they want with the most accurate odds and the widest choice of markets, right up until the very end of each and every event. We know how to engage with a next-gen audience and are more than happy to share our knowledge and solutions with our partners.

We have in fact been implementing a series of developments in our esports vertical, all geared towards improving and bolstering our products and solutions, and we are proud that the results we’ve achieved are being recognized by our clients, major players like Bayes, and even authorities within the industry, such as awards committees.

BETER’s new iFrame solution for esports was awarded a respectable Silver at the 2022 SBC Awards for “Industry Innovation of the Year”. What are some of the features that make it so unique?

We developed it with a new generation of players in mind. Until recently, the betting tool had remained unchanged for decades and wasn’t working perfectly for them. They want to place bets and be entertained at the same time; they want a user-friendly and intuitive interface for all the solutions.

We were essentially the first company to completely rethink how sportsbooks are designed. We effectively reinvented the esports betting experience with our new iFrame solution, which brings a unique UI/UX to the table, along with an array of exciting opportunities, such as direct access to a whole host of esports streams.

What exactly does the end user see?

The design of traditional sportsbooks has remained almost entirely unchanged for years now and is usually represented as simply a list of events and odds. This is certainly not the kind of engaging entertainment the younger generation of players is looking for, especially esports fans, who have acquired a taste for new and hi-tech solutions.

In place of this, we have developed a bespoke and engagement-oriented esports UI that allows players to place bets as they enjoy an experience that is more akin to a Twitch-like platform. Whereas on Twitch itself, you’ll see an assortment of live streams broadcast by users from around the world, the selection available on our iFrame platform includes only top-quality and most popular esports events.

“They want to place bets and be entertained at the same time.”

Yori Arami, Chief Revenue Officer at BETER.

At the same time, we wanted to let users choose the interface that suits them best – the traditional style or our modern option. They can easily switch between the two, and this allows us to engage the largest possible audience, encompassing both bettors who prefer the classic sportsbook UI and the next generation of players.

We’ve also included a handy option called the ‘Partner Board’, which allows our clients to see statistics and bets in real-time, create reports, manage players and more.

Have you received any feedback from clients already? What do they think about your unique iFrame solution?

We have showcased our solution exhibiting at G2E Asia and SBC Summit Barcelona, where we also held our regular dedicated one-on-one meetings with clients, and everywhere we presented it, the project was met with a lot of enthusiasm. If we can maintain this momentum, by the end of the year this product could be one of our top sellers.

All in all, we are really proud to have reinvented the user experience in a way that reflects the innovative, entertainment-first approach that players are looking for. I genuinely believe that all of the recognition we are receiving within the industry is fully deserved by our amazing team.

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