Sports betting unlikely in Wisconsin

A Senator said that allowing sports betting in the state would require Wisconsin to change current Indian compacts.

US.- Sports betting in the US is on the rise, with multiple states rushing to legalise and regulate the segment in order to benefit from it. However, Wisconsin is one of the states that still hasn’t managed to come up with rules for sports betting.

According to Wisconsin Radio Network, State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said that sports betting would require the state to change its compact with Indian tribes that operate casinos.

”The way they were negotiated by Governor Doyle with the tribes, I don’t think it’s something we can simply implement in Wisconsin. That’s why there hasn’t been much talk about it in our state,” said Fitzgerald.

The Senator added that he doesn’t believe the current governor Rony Evers is interested in reopening talks with local tribes. “You would have to have some kind of sign-off [by the tribes], and I have no idea whether the Governor would do in that direction.”

Sports betting to grow to US$149 billion by 2023

Activate, a management consulting for media, technology and sports business, released the sixth annual report that studies the state of the industries. The information in the report indicates that sports betting will grow to US$149 billion by 2023 in the United States.

The consulting firm said that the amount wagered on sports in the US will grow from US$13 billion to US$149 billion by 2023. The sports betting market will begin to take the shape of financial trading markets. The firm also said that it will have an infinite number of possible wagers extending well beyond the outcome of a game.

“When fully legalised, institutional investors will participate in the sports betting market and employ sophisticated data sets and AI to gain an edge,” said Activate in the Technology and Media Outlook 2020 report.

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