Veikkaus to focus on responsibility measures

Veikkaus to focus on responsibility measures

The Finnish gambling operator Veikkaus has announced that it will continue focusing on responsibility measures.

Finland.- Veikkaus, one of the biggest operators in Europe, has announced that it will continue to focus on implementing development measures in 2020 to strengthen its responsibility actions. The Board of Directors approved the guidelines at its December meeting.

Veikkaus will promote compulsory identification to reduce the number of distributed slot machines by approximately 3500. It will also implement a new and more responsible marketing strategy.

“Responsible gaming measures have been planned and will continue to be numerous in the coming year. We will be involved in the planning of this work, for example, with those dealing with gambling problems, as well as with experience gambling addiction experts,” said Veikkaus’ Director of Responsibility Pekka Ilmivalta.

The actions are part of Veikkaus’ new strategic plan, where responsibility plays a very important role. A safer and more responsible gaming environment will underpin everything in the future, as CEO Olli Sarekoski said at a media conference on the last day of October.

Veikkaus has also decided to renew its reporting. It will be standardised so that in the future the volume of all game groups will be described through the game margin. It is the profit from gaming activity minus the winnings paid to the players. The new practice is consistent with the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).

“Reporting through gaming has already been used in casino and table games,” says Regina Sippel, Chief Financial Officer of Veikkaus.

Veikkaus reports on the future development of the economy and the disadvantages of gaming simultaneously, twice a year.

“We will continue to monitor more closely the success of our gaming prevention measures,” says Sippel.

The new reporting policy will be implemented for the first time in Veikkaus’ 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report, which will be published in February-March 2020.

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