Veikkaus requests delay on ID checks due to component shortage

Veikkaus is having difficulties sourcing new terminals.
Veikkaus is having difficulties sourcing new terminals.

Finland’s monopoly gaming operator wants another 12 months to introduce the checks for coupon-based lottery games.

Finland.- The lottery and gaming monopoly operator Veikkaus has asked for a 12-month delay in the introduction of mandatory identification checks for coupon-based lottery games. It says its supplier is behind schedule due to a shortage of components and that it may not be possible to update all sales terminals in time.

The obligation to check identification comes under Finland’s new Lotteries Act. Such a requirement is already in place for slots, but the new legislation expands that to all gambling verticals.

Veikkaus is currently required to introduce checks for its coupon-based games like Lotto and Eurojackpot from January 1, 2023, but the operator wants that to be pushed back to January 1, 2024. It says it needs the extra time to ensure its machines can carry out the checks.

It says it has already started to replace machines but that the process has been held up due to the global shortage of components amid logistics problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. 

Veikkaus’s director of channels and sales Jari Heino said: “The new modern sales terminals enable the implementation of mandatory identification and gaming management in accordance with the requirements of the Lotteries and Money Laundering Act. At the same time, they improve the customer and sales experience for the digital age.

“Due to the global shortage of components, deliveries of new sales terminals are already behind schedule. There is a risk that the required sales terminals will not be available in time for the start of mandatory statutory identification from January 1, 2023. 

“This risk is not under Veikkaus’s control, nor that of the supplier in all respects, although of course everything that can be done is done to reduce the risk.

“Our goal is to continue to proceed according to the original schedule. However, the risk of delays due to component shortages is so great that we need to prepare for that. We will introduce the new terminals as soon as possible When the shortage of components eases.”

Finland’s Veikkaus launches B2B subsidiary Fennica Gaming

In May, Veikkaus announced the launch of its international B2B subsidiary Fennica Gaming. The business will provide gaming services and products to corporate customers in international markets.

The launch of Fennica Gaming was facilitated by Finland’s new Lotteries Act passed earlier this year, which allowed Veikkaus to expand its business and begin international B2B operations and introduced mandatory payment blocking against all other gambling operators.

Fennica Gaming managing director Timo Kiiskinen, formerly Fennica Gaming SVP for new business at Veikkaus, said: “The long and thorough preparations are now over, and we have launched the new business operations. We are experiencing historic moments in our industry. The new company enables us to commercialise the gambling industry expertise that we have in Finland.”

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