UKGC urges operators to manage complaints


UKGC has urged local operators to take consumer complaints more seriously.

The local gambling commission UKGC asked operators to modify the way that they manage complaints from its costumers.

UK.- The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has urged local operators to “take consumer complaints more seriously,” as reported in a statement. The measure follows a review of the process that operators go through when complaints are made and they reached the conclusion that the system isn’t working for consumers.

Chief executive of the UKGC Sarah Harrison said that their findings presented a strong case for the gambling industry to take swift action to ensuere the way in which costumers disputes are dealt with is fit for purpose. “What we want to see is an industry that values and seeks out feedback from customers. That swiftly and effectively resolves customer complaints. And that uses the learning from those customers to raise its standards and deliver ever higher levels of customer service.”

Furthermore, she validated that in the upcoming months the commission will be working closely with gambling operators, ADR providers, trade associations, consumers and their representatives. Complaints processes will also be looked into in other sectors where redress arrangements are likely working better. “But most importantly, we are also welcoming views on the proposals from consumers directly,” she concluded.