UKGC recommends responsible practices

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Credits: UKGC

UKGC has launched an updated society lottery check to recommend gaming operators responsible practices.

UK.- The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has updated the society lottery check to control the licensed gaming operators. The document presents responsible practices and recommends operators several limits to comply with the current law on lottery industry. The Commission will also hold a special session to answer operators’ questions during the Hospice Lotteries Association conference on September 13.

“We’ll be running workshops on lottery compliance,” explains the UKGC’s report. The updated society lottery check gives a list of 5 tips to guide licensed operators about responsible practices and gaming regulation in the UK market. “We want to help you make sure your lottery is compliant so that you can get on with the job of raising lots of money for your charity without having to worry that you’re going to get into trouble,” adds the document.

20 percent of society lottery revenue goes to charity, whilst the 80 percent left is divided between prizes and expenses. “The maximum single prize you can offer is £25k or 10 percent of the proceeds (gross ticket sales), whichever is greater,” continues. “Therefore, if you sold the maximum number of tickets in a single large (category C1) lottery (£4 million) you could award a maximum top prize of £400k.”

Furthermore, operators must report about their businesses to the Commission, as well as their third parties’ operations. “Many lottery organisers use third parties or agents to sell tickets. However, as the license holder, you are ultimately responsible for their actions when they are promoting your lottery so it is really important you know what they are up to.”

Finally, the UKGC report reminds operators that “the payment has to have been made before an entry can be included in a draw it is important that errors or delays for direct debits/standing orders are flagged straight away.”