UK could set a new tax on gaming

The government of the United Kingdom could establish a new tax on the gaming industry to fund problem gambling’s social aid.

UK.- The Labour Party of the United Kingdom has introduced a new proposal aiming at increasing gaming industry’s levy in order to fund national programs against problem gambling. The programs would be destined to treat mental health issues and would also help to prevent a further expansion of problem gambling among UK citizens.

Shadow culture secretary Tom Watson stated during Labour’s conference in Brighton this week: “The number of problem gamblers in this country has risen by a third in just three years. Two million people are either problem gamblers or at risk of addiction. Children and young people are being targeted by betting advertisers more than ever.”

The proposal was based on Gambling Commission’s investigation, which allegedly shows that more than two million were either problem gamblers or at risk of addiction in the United Kingdom. “We now know that when vulnerable people try to opt out of online gambling, companies don’t always block their accounts, as they should,” added the authority.

As the current government is trying to reduce gaming expansion in the country, Watson is presenting the formal proposal this week. ”We wouldn’t tolerate that – and we should no longer tolerate the same pattern of irresponsible behaviour by some bookmakers.”

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