UK gaming venue to open 24/7

UK gaming venue to open 24/7

Despite concerns arose in the previous weeks, a UK gaming venue will finally open 24/7 in Coventry City after claims against it ultimately ceased.

UK.- The time a gambling site can be open is one of the main topics when discussing a licence. That’s why a UK gaming venue getting clearance to operate 24/7 comes quite as a surprise.

Some concerns arose and the authorities scheduled a meeting between the applicant and protestors. However, Coventry City cancelled it and approved the Buzz Bingo UK gaming venue in private.

“We can confirm that an application was filed to extend the license of our Coventry Savoy club,” a spokesman said. “Also, minor structural changes to the club’s slot machine area and reception within the building, as part of our long-term plan.

“At Buzz Bingo we work closely with our communities and neighbours to offer the best possible experience for our players while ensuring a level of respect is maintained for all.”

Online gaming debate

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) hosted yesterday a meeting. Experts from the gambling and technology industries discussed ways to make progress on creating a single industry-wide solution. It would help reduce gambling harm, especially where customers have multiple online accounts.

The meet will continue today and will focus on challenges associated with achieving a ‘single customer view’. Over 100 experts are participating in these meetings. They have the support of the Betting and Gaming Council with representatives from the Information Commissioners Office.

Neil McArthur, chief executive of the Gambling Commission said: “We recognise that keeping a customer safe where operators currently only have a partial view of a customer’s behaviour is a challenge. That is why we are bringing together experts from outside. Also, within the gambling industry to explore how technology could create a single customer view. It has the potential to significantly improve customer protection.

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