UK crackdown on illegal ads

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Credits: 2clix Software.

United Kingdom’s strategy against illegal gambling advertisements is reaching the authorities’ goals.

UK.- Illegal gambling advertisements in the United Kingdom have been reduced by 87 percent, according to a report by SBC News. The major achievement for the country’s regulatory organisation, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), is based on a partnership with the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), as the news outlet stated.

Acting Detective Superintendent Peter Ratcliffe, Head of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, commented to SBC News: “The success of a strong relationship built between PIPCU and The Gambling Commission can be seen by these figures. This is a fantastic example of a joint working initiative between police and an industry regulator. We commend the 40 gambling companies who are already using the Infringing Website List and encourage others to sign up. We will continue to encourage all UK advertisers to become a member of the Infringing Website List to ensure they’re not inadvertently funding criminal websites.”

The partnership’s target, which has been running since June 2016, is set to reduce by 100 percent the gambling publicity regarding unauthorised platforms. PIPCU is holding an Operation Creative to review legal sites that may be “inadvertently providing revenue to those committing crime online.”

Tim Moss, CEO of the UK Intellectual Property Office, also said to SBC News: “Partnership work is clearly having a major impact on IP crime across the UK. PIPCU and the Gambling Commission have cut off yet another illicit revenue stream for unscrupulous IP thieves. The government and its partners will continue to fight IP crime in all its forms. Those wishing to profit from the hard work of others will not have an easy ride.”