Typhoon season takes its toll in Saipan

Imperial Pacific International fired 150 workers in Saipan as tourism dropped as a consequence of Typhoon Yutu hitting the island last month.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The Typhoon season in southeast Asia continuously leaves major losses, including casualties and economic damages. “Super” Typhoon Yutu hit the Northern Mariana Islands last month and generated major losses, including 150 job positions at the Imperial Pacific International Resort in Saipan.

According to the Hong Kong-based company, the Typhoon is to blame for the jobs lost as it generated a major decline in tourists arriving in the island. Big spenders were the audience the venue missed the most while weather caused the island’s airport’s shutdown and forced the operator to make an unpopular decision.

Despite the news, during a meeting, Imperial Pacific chairman Mark Brown assured the laid-off employees that they would be welcome to return to their jobs once the resort is fully operational. The Saipan international airport has already begun operating day and night time flights and welcomed its first commercial flight from Hong Kong last Friday, which may bring tourists back to the gaming venue.

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