Tokoname puts pressure on IR race

tokoname ir

Credits: 663highland // Wikipedia

The city inaugurated the construction phase of an exhibition center with hopes to be host of an integrated resort, the Governor said.

Japan.- Tokoname city held the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction phase of the Aichi International Exhibition Center, which is aimed to be host of an integrated resort when Japan starts granting licenses in the upcoming years.

Authorities have recently said that they hope one day it can become the center of an integrated resort on Chubu International Airport Island, AGBrief reported. The unveil of the US$320 million exhibition center, which counted with the presence of the Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura, revealed that the opening date is set for autumn 2019, and it will feature a 90,000 square meter floor area. “With MICE including an IR in mind, I would like this place to become a base for international tourism,” said the Governor.

Even though the project has the necessary support, there are concerns around the fact that the Airport Island is not really prepared to host an integrated resort as it is located 98 kilometers away from Nagoya Station, the biggest populated area in the territory, and it is believed that it can’t attract a big amount of people.

Last month, the Governor announced his intentions to support Tokoname city’s bid for an integrated resort (IR) license. He advanced that he would establish an experts’ research group in order to aid the city. Governor Omura had already received an appeal from the Tokoname City Council on July 7, to which he responded with the creation of the research group.