Terre Haute casino bill dies in Senate

The bill was approved by the City Council last week.

US.- The Indiana Senate Public Policy Committee voted on the bill that would allow Fuller House Resorts Inc to move its operations from Rising Star Casino Resort in Southern Indiana to a new facility in Terre Haute.

The voting ended 5-5, which meant that the proponents have to wait until the next legislative session to pursue the approval. According to Inside Indiana Business, Ed Feigenbaum, former director of legal affairs for the Council of State Governments, said that the rejection means that the Assembly can rethink the bill and redraft it. “I think we’re looking probably toward some sort of major, if not interim legislative study committee, perhaps more of a statewide blue ribbon commission. perhaps commissioned by the governor. that would look at the bigger questions and the future of gaming in Indiana.”

Senator Jon Ford, who created the Bill 354, said that he’s disappointed that the bill didn’t make it out of committee because he believes that this legislation would have been a positive impact on Terre Haute. “I’m glad we started this conversation and I will continue to advocate for ways to boost our local economy and bring more jobs to Terre Haute. Although SB 354 did not go as far as I would have liked to see, I am thankful for the support I have received from leaders and residents of our community,” he concluded.