Teni Grigoryan: “At ICE London, Galaxsys launched four new turbo games”

Teni Grigoryan, head of Sales Department at Galaxsys.
Teni Grigoryan, head of Sales Department at Galaxsys.

Teni Grigoryan spoke about Galaxsys’ attendance at ICE London 2023.

Exclusive interview.- Teni Grigoryan, head of the Sales Department at Galaxsys, spoke with Focus Gaming News about the latest edition of ICE London, which products stood out the most at the exhibition and the visitors’ response.

How do you evaluate your participation in ICE London?

This year’s ICE London allowed us to present our expansive portfolio of 15+ games, including four new and exciting game titles. We had many pre-scheduled meetings with existing and potential partners where we already had a clear idea of our course of action. Additionally, we received significant interest from new contacts we made during the event.

“Overall, we had a highly productive time at ICE London, gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the gaming industry.”

Teni Grigoryan, head of Sales Department at Galaxsys.

The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and we are thrilled to have met with existing and potential partners while networking with industry peers. I can proudly state that our participation in the event exceeded all our expectations, and we are confident that it will contribute significantly to our growth this year.

Could you compare it with respect to your first participation, the one that took place last year? What learnings did it leave you?

Last year’s ICE participation was crucial for Galaxsys in terms of the company’s debut and brand awareness, as a successful ICE typically results in a promising year. It was a great opportunity for us to learn, analyze and plan the next steps. This year was different. We are now better known, having passed a vast development throughout the year and becoming stronger thanks to the challenges passed.

With the record number of ICE attendees this year, we saw a significant increase in the number of visitors to our stand, and we were able to have more meetings than ever before. We came to the event with an increased number of team members, which allowed us to be better prepared and ultimately make the most out of our time at the event.

What were the main interests received by visitors?

The main interests received by visitors at ICE London were our newly launched game titles and overall our existing gaming portfolio.

“Visitors were particularly interested in our innovative game features, unique concepts, and engaging gameplay.”

Teni Grigoryan, head of Sales Department at Galaxsys.

We received a lot of positive feedback about the quality and diversity of our games, which was very encouraging. Additionally, visitors were interested in learning more about our company and our plans for future game releases. We had many productive conversations with potential partners and clients who were excited about the direction we are heading as a company.

What releases did you unveil at ICE London? 

At ICE London, Galaxsys launched four new turbo games: Plinkoman, F Mines, Golden RA, and Mr. Thimble. We prepared press releases and game reviews prior to ICE so that attendees were already approaching us to learn more about the recently launched titles. These four new games are now part of our fast games portfolio and are available for integration by partners worldwide.

I am happy to share with you that these releases generated a lot of interest from attendees, as they all offer unique and innovative gameplay experiences that are sure to attract and entertain players. Our team at Galaxsys worked hard to create these new games, and we are proud to have unveiled them at ICE London. We are confident that they will help us continue to grow and expand our offerings while providing our partners and their players with new exciting games.

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