TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s innovation and craftsmanship feature at ICE

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s innovation and craftsmanship feature at ICE

TCSJOHNHUXLEY presented its products at ICE London 2020 and reported a successful performance.

UK.- TCSJOHNHUXLEY has been manufacturing and supplying live gaming equipment for over 45 years and is world-renowned for developing and producing live gaming products that have become industry benchmarks and can be seen in thousands of casinos across the globe.

Fusing innovation with beautifully handcrafted products is in the company’s DNA, providing gaming equipment for every gaming requirement. Whether it be the most exclusive Salon Privé and VIP areas to high volume 24/7 operations, to online casinos with their unique challenges.

ICE 2020 sees the company debut two new table ranges – one for the iGaming sector and the other for more high-end environments. Space and player requirements are very different for online casinos – with no need to incorporate multiple player positions. Tables in the iGaming sector can be much more compact and do not need to follow traditional designs. 

The new mini iGaming Roulette table incorporates a much smaller footprint, with the number grid taking up most of the tabletop and a unique moveable wheel platform on wheels, designed to be locked into either end of the table depending on whether the dealer is right or left-handed. This innovative set up can be easily incorporated into the standard range of tables, as the Roulette wheel is the regular size. The new wheel housing provides added security as it is completely independent of the table, built into a solid base and therefore cannot be tampered with by applying pressure or leaning on the wheel platform. The ease of moving a roulette wheel around the gaming floor on its own mobile platform is also a major benefit for operators and maintenance staff. 

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s new range of high-end tables are part of The Bertil Collection, named after the company’s founder, Bertil Knutsson. This range features beautifully handcrafted designs and exquisite finishes that evoke luxury and provide an exclusive feel to compliment any Salon Privé or VIP area. 

Nicci Smith, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Managing Director Europe comments, “We are rightly proud of our reputation in designing and producing the highest quality gaming equipment in the industry. The new range of tables feature the best that our world-class craftsman have to offer, combined with the ability to fuse the latest technology and operator requirements into innovative, durable, yet beautifully crafted products for every type of gaming environment.”

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