Tabcorp partners up with Australian Hotels Association

The five year agreement between the Australian company and the AHS will incentivise pub goers to bet through the TAB app.

Australia.- Australian based Tabcorp will anounce soon a five year deal with the Australian Hotels Association NSW (AHA) in order to incentivise wagering through the TAB app accessing via any of its 1116 members, leaving a cut from betting revenue to each venue. This move comes as a response to CrownBet 10 year digital wagering partnership with Clubs NSW last February.

Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough celebrated the agreement and argued that “having a bet in a pub is an Australian social tradition and this partnership helps us and our venues to deliver the best wagering experience.” Attenborough assured that Tabcorp is “making sure pubs benefit no matter how customers choose to bet within the venue.” The company said that AHA’s member venues accounted for about US$1.2 billion in annual turnover for the group.

AHA CEO John Whelan also showed his excitement and praised “the direction Tabcorp is heading with digital wagering in PubTABs and we’re looking forward to the roll-out of new hotel products and technology over the next five years.”

The brokerage firm CLSA has evaluated the deal as positive for Tabcorp: “Tabcorp’s digital commission model reduces the company’s margin on digital turnover, but also seeks to encourage venues to sign-up new customers driving growth. Retail remains a risk for the company, but on balance we believe the outlook remains favourable, particularly if Australia moves towards a universal point of consumption tax on wagering turnover.”