Synot Group set business in Georgia

The Czech casino company has acquired a venue at national capital city, Tbilisi.

Georgia.- Synot Group is expanding its businesses in Georgia with the operation of another casino at the national capital and major city, Tbilisi. Last week, the renowned gaming company has inaugurated the new venue, which was already installed in the city.

Georgian authorities granted Synot Group the gaming license to operate the casino. The Czech-based company has established operations in the country when they obtained the approval to acquire a smaller casino in the second biggest city of Georgia, Kutaisi.

About the further expansion, sales director of SYNOT Group, Roland Andrýsek, commented: “In this country, we have already started to operate during this year, in cooperation with the local business partner. From a business perspective we are speaking about very interesting location, so that we are pleased to continue with our activities development here.”

This year’s target of the successful brand is to expand its business across Asia. “The new casino is a truly great establishment. There is located more than 200 machines. In the future, we expect the construction of other similar casinos in this country, and even in other cities,” added Andrýsek in his statement published at the official Synot website.