Swedish consumer agency publishes loot boxes report

Swedish consumer agency publishes loot boxes report

The Swedish consumer agency Konsumentverket (KO) released a report in which it says that loot boxes can be regulated under the Gambling Act.

Sweden.- Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) has released a new study that focuses on loot boxes and other gambling-like features in games. The report says that loot boxes could be included in the Swedish Gambling Act (2018).

The agency explained that as loot boxes have in-game features that constitute money or money’s worth, they could be included in the Act. They could constitute gambling and thus they would require a licence in order to be able to operate.

However, the court in Sweden still has to decide whether loot boxes fall under the Swedish Gambling Act. If they’re considered gambling, they would fall into the Act and the local regulator would have to come up with greater consumer protections.

Despite hinting that loot boxes could fall under that category, the report says that at this point there isn’t enough evidence to establish a connection between them and gambling. It said that it can’t recommend further measures to be taken due to the lack of research. It said that there are grounds to keep investigating and also recommended self-regulation.

Sweden proposes rules to counter match-fixing

Sweden continues to advance regulations to create a safer gambling industry, and as part of those attempts, the regulator Spelinspektionen has issued a number of suggestions and general advice to counter match-fixing.

A draft regulation, which is now being sent out for referral, prohibits certain bets on individual performance. If the proposal takes effect, gaming companies in Sweden won’t be able to offer betting on a rule violation. A clear example is not being able to bet on whether a football player receives a yellow card or if a tennis player makes double mistakes.

Spelinspektionen General Director Camilla Rosenberg said that the measure helps them counteract athletes that manipulate results themselves. It also helps with outsiders trying to influence an individual practitioner.

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