Sweden continues fight against match-fixing

Sweden continues fight against match-fixing

Sweden continues to fight against match-fixing.

The platform against match-fixing from Sweden met for the fourth time this week.

Sweden.- The Match-fixing Council from Sweden, which is the national platform that fights illegality in sports, met on Wednesday in Strängnäs. The meeting was the fourth one since the new gaming act came into force on January 1.

Led by the Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s national gambling regulator, the Match-fixing Council, is a forum that exchanges experiences and discusses match-fixing. The council aims to exchange information to help reduce the risk of match-fixing.

The council counts with the participation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Police Authority, the Government, trade associations and the National Sports Association.

As part of the work on match-fixing, Spelinspektionen also works to develop regulations aimed at counteracting match-fixing, said the watchdog. The regulations are a development of the current legislation and may limit what the gaming companies may offer their customers.

The government investigates loot boxes

The Swedish government will officially investigate whether it should regulate loot boxes or not. As reported by Swedish TV channel SVT, the consumer protection authority from Sweden will be in charge of the investigation. While the gambling regulator Spelinspektionen will not carry out the investigation, the consumer authority will contact the entity as well as the national public health department and the media council for their stance on the subject.

The report, due October 1, will likely help lawmakers reach a decision in relation to a potential amendment of laws. Different from other European countries that have already studied loot boxes, Sweden is not investigating specific games or publishers.

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