Spanish gambling industry braces for restrictions

Spanish gambling industry braces for restrictions

New regulations may soon be enforced for the Spanish gambling industry.

Associations continue to bond as the general election may result in further restrictions for the Spanish gambling industry.

Spain.- The recent general election in Spain had the Socialist Workers’ Party’s (PSOE) winning and the gambling industry bracing for impact. The party had suggested further restrictions for the segment, which is why organisations are joining forces to fight them.

Spanish gaming trade association Consejo Empresarial del Juego (CEJUEGO) has been incorporated into the country’s body for industry groups, the Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE). Even though it was announced last year, the incorporation is now effective as PSOE may soon act on the segment.

“This incorporation is very good for us because of the possibilities it offers us to give more visibility to our sector to the government, the media and society in general,” CEJUEGO Chief Executive Alejandro Landaluce said.

PSOE had said it would set new controls on gambling advertising, which CEJUEGO branded as unjustified. The 2019 budget included such measures, but was rejected and ultimately prompted the elections to take place earlier than scheduled.

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