Spain focuses on gambling limitations

Spain focuses on gambling limitations

After suspending new licences, the government from Spain is likely to limit gambling and its promotions nationwide.

Spain.- Despite several autonomous communities in Spain deciding to temporarily regulate gambling a few months ago, the political party Podemos is preparing a measure to limit gambling advertising and its promotions.

As revealed by Unidas Podemos to local media La Información, the party sees the gaming industry as a priority. “This will be one of the first things that Secretary General Pablo Iglesias’ team will lead in the legislature,” they said. “Th project is supported by a measure that Podemos took for the first time in its electoral program to Madrid in the past regional election, so it’s not an improvised proposal.”

“If you want to bet, make sure that no one sees you and that you do so when children are not awake,” they said. They want gambling to take place in Spain only after 10 pm, although the schedule will be in charge of different jurisdictions.

In addition, they want gambling outlets far from schools and they want to limit advertising around football.

Online gambling is a major contributor in Spain

The Directorate General for Game Management (DGOJ) of Spain recently published the third-quarter financial report. Although the economic growth of the industry had already been highlighted, the online gambling sector proved to be a major force in Spain.

The report indicates that online gambling experienced a growth of 16.5% compared to the previous quarter, and 3.2% when compared to the same period in 2018. On the other hand, sports betting was the top scorer in the country with 43.9%. The total GGR of bets amounted to almost US$111 million in more than US$665 million waged by users.

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