Ex Governor pushes for a Sands casino in New York

Former Governor David Paterson is getting involved in a casino push from Las Vegas Sands in New York, to get the venue as soon as possible.

US.- Recent legislation changes have authorised casinos in New York City to open, but not before 2023. However, former state Governor David Paterson is pushing together with Las Vegas Sands in New York to rush the process.

According to Paterson, who will join Sands as a senior vice president, there’s no reason not to lift the moratorium next year.

“Is it going to happen in 2023 or 2020? Why not start three years earlier?” he said. “This is really a tremendous opportunity to create jobs in New York.”

About Sands’ intentions in New York, he said: “I really like the fact that they want to do it right.”

His successor, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, recently assessed the gambling industry’s situation in the state. “I’m not a great fan of the gaming industry, but it’s here, it’s real,” Gov. Cuomo said. “Obviously more people lose in gambling than win,” he asserted.

“If there’s not a significant economic benefit to the state or a region of the state, then I would rather not do it,” he added.

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