Russia restructures Primorye regulation

Credits: Siberian Times.
Credits: Siberian Times.

Casino region of Primorye would now be controlled by the Federal Government of Russia.

Russia.- The Federal Government of Russia would now be in charge of Primorye gaming city development. As only Tigre de Cristal has begun its operations, authorities are interested in controlling the delays and construction deadlines to accelerate the process. Primorye was set as a gaming zone in the Russian Far East.

Experts have allegedly explained that the problems in the Russian casino hub could be based on the residents’ access to Asia-Pacific touristic centers and local basement casinos. However, the Federal Government seeks to intervene in the regulating and licensing process to further develop the city. Primorye has been previously controlled by the local administration.

“The gaming zone in Primorye is developing slowly, and we recently held a meeting during which we decided to file lawsuits against four out of two investors [in the zone] to request their agreements to be terminated because they do not do anything there,” Deputy Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev explained.

The Russian government would enhance the process and offer international operators better conditions for investments in order to attract further projects. Meanwhile, Melco, NagaCorp and Diamond Fortune Holdings Prim have already shown interest in developing the gaming zone.

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