RFET joins Spanish Global Betting Market Research Service

RFET will be able to consult the monitoring service.
RFET will be able to consult the monitoring service.

The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) is the latest association to join the Spanish regulator’s service.

Spain.- The Spanish gambling regulator, the DGOJ, has announced that the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) has joined its Global Betting Market Research Service (SIGMA). The tennis body can now consult the betting integrity monitoring service and submit information about instances of suspicious bets placed on sporting events. 

The RFET is the latest partner to join the sports integrity initiative following the autonomous Basque region, Euskadi. SIGMA provides a view of the betting market for the purposes of vigilance against match-fixing. Those joining the initiative commit to assisting the DGOJ in investigations of the betting market when necessary.

SIGMA was created under amendments to Spain’s 2011 Gambling Act passed in October 2022. The centrally controlled database allows registered bodies to cooperate against match-fixing and fraud through the processing of personal data. The network includes licensed gaming operators, the National Sports Council, sports federations and professional leagues. 

Last May, Spain’s national police force announced an agreement to investigate possible match-fixing via access to SIGMA. Last month, the DGOJ announced that the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) had been added to the service.

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