Regulator finds Enlabs breached Lithuanian ban on gambling promotion

UAB Baltic Bet has already received a fine from Lithuania
UAB Baltic Bet has already received a fine from Lithuania

The operator breached Lithuania’s ban on all forms of gambling promotion by offering a chance to increase winnings.

Lithuania.- The Gambling Supervisory Authority has found that Enlabs’ UAB Baltic Bet broke Lithuania’s new prohibition on gambling promotion. It was found to have run a remote promotion for its Optibet Blackjack product that offered players a chance to increase their winnings.

Lithuania introduced a ban on all forms of gambling promotion earlier this year. The rules prohibit the “promotion of gambling in any form and by any means, dissemination of information or persuasion.”

The Gambling Supervisory Authority said it would not issue sanctions in this case because the offence was minor.

It said: “The violations committed by UAB Baltic Bet were insignificant and did not cause material damage to the interests protected by law.

“In accordance with the criteria of fairness and reasonableness, it was decided not to apply sanctions to UAB Baltic Bet. UAB Baltic Bet has been informed that for repeated violations committed within one year, the appropriate sanctions will be applied.”

Just this month, UAB Baltic Bet was fined by the authority for “organising gambling outside of gambling regulations”. The regulator said the operator offered incorrect odds, failed to cancel bets that should have been cancelled and didn’t place sufficient limits on bets.

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