Primorye won’t raise taxes

primorye casino

Credits: Siberian Times.

Russian gaming hub authorities reject tax increases.

Russia.- A potential increase of gaming taxes in the Russian casino city of Primorye has been dismissed by the local gaming authority. The government of Primorye Gaming Zone announced this week that the legislative plan to double current taxing obligations was rejected by Primorye legislators.

According to official reports published by Russian press, the dismissal of the proposal was supported by Primorye deputy governor Andrei Tarasenko. As suggested by Tarasenko, the current taxing measure is more likely to help the government “to attract foreign investors to new projects in the gambling zone.”

The Federal Government of Russia is now in charge of Primorye gaming city developments. As only Tigre de Cristal has begun its operations, authorities are interested in controlling the delays and monitoring construction deadlines to accelerate the process. Primorye was set as a gaming zone in the Russian Far East.

Under federal control, international and local casino operators are allegedly interested in further developing the Russian gaming zone of Primorye. Bidders would compete in three independent auctions for land earmarked at Primorye Integrated Entertainment Zone (IEZ), a casino development area.