Police forces conduct raids in three European countries

Two Dutch men from Enschede were arrested during the operation.

As part of an international probe on illegal gambling, 15 addresses were raided in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Germany.- Yesterday (Monday) the police conducted 15 raids in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, arresting two Dutch men in the operation.

The raids are part of an ongoing international probe focused on investigating an illegal gambling organisation. According to the Prosecutor, this organisation offers illegal gambling and betting opportunities on football in the Netherlands and Germany, but pays no gambling taxes and hides revenues through money-laundering.

The Dutch police, with the assistance of Defense, searched gambling locations and conducted raids in Enschede, Utrecht, Hengelo, Devender and Amsterdam. In Germany, police officers searched two houses and business premises, whilst in Austria the administration of one company was seized.

The two men from Enschede who were arrested, are the prime suspects in this probe. One of them was caught in Germany with €45,000 (US$ 51,138) in cash on him. German officers confiscated the money. The Netherlands will ask the German authorities to extradite the man. On its part, Dutch police forces seized more than €1 million (US$1,136,400) in bank accounts, real estate and cars.