Pipol: the AdTech communication agency pioneer in blockchain

Pipol positions itself as a blockchain authority.
Pipol positions itself as a blockchain authority.

Pipol’s groundbreaking affiliate marketing strategy leverages Web3’s blockchain technology, delivering tailored NFT-based bonuses to engage and attract new players in the gambling industry.

Press release.- The future of the Internet has a name. And it is Web3, which decentralizes and protects users’ privacy. Based on blockchain, it enables greater security and transparency in transactions, entitling individuals, with fewer intermediaries. Such a vision promotes data ownership and fosters the creation of collaborative and trustworthy applications. It also seeks interoperability and creates fairer and more sustainable digital economies.

Web3 is the ideal ecosystem for companies in the gambling sector to guarantee their payment methods in a simple, fast, secure and traceable, yet anonymous way. And also for players, who do not lose ownership of their data and can operate in a decentralized manner, thus eliminating the costly third-party involvement. This creates a more trustworthy and attractive environment for both parties.

Pipol understood how to capitalize on that traceability inherent to Web3. By performing behavioural tracking, it is able to identify qualified audiences, contact them in an intelligent and creative way, and, in addition, implement tailor-made projects.

Therefore, Pipol created the first affiliate marketing strategy to engage new players for gambling houses and casinos. Among other things, the company sent NFTs containing personalized bonuses through 0x wallets for a targeted audience, providing unique experiences. An innovative approach with cutting-edge technology is what made this project unique.

In short, the agency was able, like no other in the industry, to identify and contact the most desired players by gambling houses, offering high-added value through an innovative initiative based on affiliate marketing. Thus, Pipol stands as the best partner to maximize success in a constantly evolving digital environment.

In a highly decentralized environment that decentralizes power and protects privacy, Pipol positions itself as a blockchain authority and a leader by offering hyper-segmented marketing actions, with a clear goal: to increase the sales and visibility of its clients’ brands.

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