Okada Manila ready to increase number of visitors

The Philippines casino will open permanent retail stores that will bring its targeted number of customers per day.

Philippines.- Managing Director of Okada Manila Steve Wolstenholme, said on Tuesday that the facility will open permanent retail stores by mid-year, which will help reach its target of 50,000 customers per day.

Ever since the billion-dollar casino opened its doors last year, it has attracted up to 20,000 customers daily on weekends and 10,000 on weekdays. Wolstenholme said that while Okada Manila offers 2,600 slot machines and 300 tables, it will increase the available rooms to 500 over the next couple of months.

The permanent stores are set to replace the current “pop-up” stands, and the managing director assured that the casino resort will have approximately 50 retailers by the end of 2019. “We want to do it right. We may be compromising our return on investment in the short term, but we’re looking out for the long term,” he said.

“A gaming table’s just a gaming table. It’s driven by a much bigger picture, that is, how Manila is perceived. And as important is how the administration is supporting the growth in visitation and tourism,” he added.

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