Oddspedia releases its new version

Oddspedia revealed its latest version.
Oddspedia revealed its latest version.

Leading European iGaming affiliate Oddspedia has announced the release of its latest version.

Oddspedia, a website known for being one of the most comprehensive odds comparison portals online, has released a new version with a refined look and feel. The company claims that the relaunch is a “completely redesigned” experience which will broaden its coverage with the inclusion of additional facets of sports. Besides the already impressive odds comparison, new sections have been implemented that are aimed at non-bettors as well as gambling enthusiasts, making the site an all-in-one portal that can serve the needs of everyone interested in sports.

Oddspedia compares more than 80 bookmakers from all over the world, allowing its users to check the odds comparison tool both before the match has started and while it’s being played live. With many additional features underway, the project will commit to its goal to be the ultimate destination for sports fans.

“I am thrilled about the Oddspedia relaunch. The website redesign will benefit all of our fans with its new features and modern look, and it’s far from just a cosmetic makeover. I am glad that we can serve sports audiences around the world with outstanding content.” stated Oddspedia Co-founder Jeton Kodia.

The website’s overhaul has been in the works for one and a half years. The relaunch comes in a good time to follow the return of major sports after Covid-19 put them on hold. The relaunch on August 4th happened just a few days after the NBA games were resumed, with many of the top Football competitions currently ongoing.

Oddspedia’s primary goal during the redesign process was to appeal and provide value to all sorts of sports fans. By creating a faster, more reliable and responsive website that covers multiple areas regarding sports, the site brings additional value to its users across all channels. Sports fans can enjoy faster live scores, wider sports coverage, breaking news, statistics, and real-time updates on match information and betting odds. The website design gives visitors on both desktop and mobile a visually impressive and equally responsive experience. A new and improved navigation system makes it easier for users to access information about their favorite sports, leagues, or teams.

“Our focus has been mainly on German-speaking countries, but we are now going forward into emerging markets” said Jeton Kodia “ Brazil and South / Latin America in general are very interesting for us. Oddspedia.com is also available in Portuguese and Spanish. As a sports portal, you have to cater to those “soccer-crazy” countries. If in a market soccer can be more important than religion, this for sure is a market you don’t want to miss out on, since sports and betting go hand-in-hand”

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key new features in the Oddspedia website redesign:

Created in favor of every sport fan

Sports fans can enjoy terrific sports coverage and can follow any professional competition for more than forty sports. The added news section provides headlines and information on sports from a multitude of sources, and the live scores on the site are being delivered in real-time if you are interested in just checking the latest results. Bettors can see the latest offers, utilize various betting tools, and compare odds from more than 80 leading bookmakers. To make the experience better, Oddspedia’s new design has an easy-to-use interface, optimized navigation, fast page loading and also uses a geotargeting system to provide relevant information to each user based on their location.

It’s Faster!

The new Oddspedia has not only redesigned the user experience, but the entire code of the site has been rebuilt from scratch. The website delivers a butter smooth and responsive experience even on older phones. Pages now load faster, and data shown on the site updates much more quickly. That means users will now get faster live scores, real-time odds updates, statistics to follow what is happening on the field, and up-to-the-minute news.


With its newly introduced News section, Oddspedia makes certain that fans get informed of everything happening in the sports world. Besides its news content, the site features articles from hundreds of leading online media outlets.

Modern Design

Oddspedia has come up with a terrific design that is as functional and attractive on tablets and phones as it is on desktop machines. Featuring improved looks and better navigation, the site’s layout makes it easier for users to find upcoming matches, scores, statistics, news and all the relevant information they need. Numerous innovative design choices have been made with the sole purpose of being helpful to the end-user.

Widgets for Editors

But the improvements we’ve made to the odds comparison tool aren’t just limited to Oddspedia 2.0. During these hard times for publishers and editors, the only way companies involved in the betting market can survive is by working together and helping each other. The market is quickly growing into LATAM and Africa, so publishers will need information from the entire sports world.

For editors, the Oddspedia Widgets have been developed as an “all-in one” solution. These tools can be implemented into any site by simply pasting their code, providing that site’s users with real time odds data. Publishers can benefit from the live information by not only providing it to their users for free, but also receiving a share of the clicks to the bookmakers. Deals with publishers are done on a 50/50 click share. The way the split works is that the widgets rotate with two links, one for the publisher and the other for Oddspedia. The chance to get a customer is equal!