Oddsgate recognised as second Best Place to Work in Portugal

For Oddsgate its main asset is people.
For Oddsgate its main asset is people.

The company’s fundamental value is the dedication to the employee experience from the beginning.

Press release.- After receiving the Great Place to Work certification, Oddsgate was announced as the second-best company in the category recognizing businesses with up to 50 employees during a gala ceremony at Convento do Beato on March 20th, standing out in the restricted category of Best Workplaces in Portugal 2024.

Since late 2021, Oddsgate has played an active role in redefining the parameters of the online gaming market. The company combines a complete and innovative platform with an ongoing commitment to its partners and collaborators. Now it’s time to celebrate another major milestone: the second-Best Workplace in Portugal.

After the first selection stage carried out by Great Place to Work -a renowned auditing and organizational culture company- the 100 classified companies are ranked and, according to their results, the first 50 are again honored, with a new Best Workplaces seal.

This recognition is based on a global methodology, applied for more than 30 years, which mainly considers the perception of employees, through their voluntary and anonymous response to a questionnaire.

For the General Director of Human Resources, Nuno Jerónimo, “This certification will help reinforce our values, respect for our employees, and recognition for the organization’s way of working. The certification is also expected to make people curious about the good work done here. This can also help us to continue recruiting good and excellent people. And once they’re here, we hope they don’t want to leave.”

Oddsgate’s fundamental value is the dedication to the employee experience from the beginning. Now this is reflected in recognition, highlighting the positive perception of those who are part of the team, as Jerónimo indicated: “We were very happy to receive this recognition from a world-renowned company in this area of organizational culture and, of course, from our employees. We sought out this company intending to identify our strengths and opportunities for Best Workplace Portugal 2024 improvement because we are still a young company and we know that the improvement process is continuous. This great result surprised us positively, showing us we are on the right path. But the most important thing is to know that people here feel heard, respected, valued, and generally feel good within the organization because they are the most valuable thing we have.”

The company seeks to promote the development of a solid foundation; organic growth; corporate social responsibility and a friendly environment conducive to innovation, collaboration and employee growth. This is how Oddsgate established a distinct working method that conveys the necessary confidence to employees who are already there and also to those who are arriving.

Such directions will also be valid for the growth of the company that intends to expand and open new offices in other important countries, such as Brazil and Romania.

Mário Silva, co-founder, believes in two main factors for success: a pleasant, relaxed environment and good recruitment. He said, “Our aim has always been to create a very positive corporate environment. We think about everything from the company’s structure to hiring people, to little treats to make people’s days more relaxed and light. Our mood is to offer good and direct communication, which starts with us, the founders. We all get along very well, we have known each other for many years and want work teams to have that same dynamic. So, it all starts with the care we take when recruiting. We know that our main asset is people. Sowe always look for a team that shares our values, because if that aspect is well aligned, the rest is easy. And today this achievement, with this second place, is theirs. We strive to provide conditions for people to work, but the result of all this is not ours, it belongs to the team.”

Although this is Oddsgate’s first time among the selection of the best companies to work for in Portugal, Jerónimo assures that he has plans to maintain good practices, attract and retain the best talents, and make the team increasingly closer, with responsible actions and social and team building, sharing success among everyone.

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