NVSEP expands to California

NVSEP expands to California

The self-exclusion programme is already in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, and Tennessee.

US.- idPair’s National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (NVSEP) has announced the launch of free self-exclusion assistance in California. The launch follows Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, and Tennessee. Depending on the state, self-exclusion options are available for casinos, online sports betting, online casino, online poker, fantasy sports and horseracing.

Robert Jacobson, executive director of the California Council on Problem Gambling, said: “California self-exclusion is a critical state program which allows individuals to request that a card room prevent them from gambling at, or in many cases entering, the premises for a designated period. This can be a crucial tool for those battling gambling addiction. However, enrolling in the program in person at a card room’s premises can have a powerful triggering effect, potentially leading to a relapse or deterring the individual from self-excluding entirely.”

“NVSEP’s offer of free notarization services for those enrolling in California’s self-exclusion program removes a significant barrier, potentially having a tremendously positive impact on countless Californians dealing with gambling addiction by making one of our most vital prevention and recovery tools more accessible.”

Jonathan Aiwazian, CEO of idPair, said “NVSEP is singularly focused on expanding free and simple access to voluntary self-exclusion to those who need it. This announcement has the potential to help many of the tens of millions of people who either call California home or make it a travel destination and need a free and effective way to protect themselves.”

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