Novomatic closed a deal with Talarius

The latest Novomatic acquisition turned the gaming company into the largest AGC operator in the UK.

UK.- Novomatic signed an acquisition agreement with UK’s Adult Gaming Centers operator, Talarius, becoming the biggest operator in the sector for the region. Novomatic will obtain the 100 percent of Talarius’ shares.

“We have recognized the potential of Talarius and identified an opportunity for growth regarding the synergies stemming from the local infrastructure. With this transaction, we are able to further expand our market share in the UK, one of the largest European gaming markets”, said Novomatic CEO Harald Neumann.

The brand will now employ 3,800 in the UK. Novomatic will be in charge of more than 7,500 gaming terminals in 162 operations that used to be part of Talarius. Recently, the Novomatic UK group successfully completed an eight-month audit of the UK Gambling Commission. All companies of the group have passed this audit with distinction.