Norwegian ban challenged by gambling group

Norway international gambling operators

The Norway ban could be breaking European conventions. (Credits:

The EGBA has filed a submission in an Oslo court to challenge the ban on international transactions with gambling operators.

Norway.- The Norwegian government decided to enforce a ban on international financial transactions with gambling operators that forbids banks to process any of them. However, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), which is integrated by several major European gambling groups, has filed a submission in an Oslo court to challenge the decision.

According to EGBA, any interference with gambling operators’ transactions is a contravention of European Union principles regarding the free movement of goods and services between member states. Furthermore, they say that punters are not breaking any Law by using international gambling sites, despite the government claims otherwise.

Managing director of the EGBA Maarten Haijer said the ban is additionally a violation of Norwegian law, and in a Twitter post urged the Norwegian authorities to “design a policy for online gaming which is modern, protects consumers and reflects the reality of the digital age.”

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