New Zealand TAB blocks Australian bettors

New Zealand TAB


Due to regulation changes in Australia, The New Zealand Racing Board’s Tab online betting site was forced to block Australian gamblers.

New Zealand.- As Australia’s Interactive Gambling Amendment Act took effect on Wednesday, the country’s war against unauthorised online gambling operators (specially Asian based websites) has advanced. However, the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) discovered that new legislation forces its Tab online betting site to close the accounts of its Australian bettors.

The measure was primarilly aimed at Asian operators splitting revenues with the local companies but ended up hitting New Zealand as well, and not even Kiwis visiting Australia will be able to access the TAB’s website.

NZRB CEO John Allen detailet the TAB contacted each of its Australian users in order to explain the issue and added there are around 800 of them that turn over nearly US$721k yearly.

Kate Richars NZRB spokeswoman added that the body believed they wouldn’t be affected by the new regulation. Therefore, once they realised the full effects of the amendment, it was too late to do anything.

In order to avoid losing Australian revenue, the NZRB is assessing its options and may even apply for an Australian sports betting license.