New York is re-debating online poker bill

Bonacic’s first proposal was rejected last year.
Bonacic’s first proposal was rejected last year.

A new online poker bill was introduced for the second time by Senator John Bonacic.

US.- New York legislators will debate once again a possible online poker regulation this year. State’s Senator John Bonacic presented his second attempt to legislate the iGaming sector of poker modalities of Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em.

Last June, the Senate passed the first bill introduced by Senator Bonacic in order to legalise online poker in New York by 53-5. However, the State’s Assembly ended the effort without a vote by rejecting the approval of bill S. 5302 presented in 2015.

Last Friday, the New York Senator made his second attempt with bill S. 3898, which keeps the same conditions and regulations than 2015’s project. The media had access to the full text earlier this week and confirmed the similarities with Bonacic’s well-received S. 5302.

The bill was sent to Senate’s Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering; whilst experts are assessing the proposal, legislators will schedule a date to carry out the hearing. The bill S. 3898 “allows certain interactive poker games be considered games of skill rather than games of luck; includes definitions, authorization, required safeguards and minimum standards, the scope of licensing review and state tax implications; makes corresponding penal law amendments,” as it is stated in the official project.