New South Wales targets responsible gambling

The government in New South Wales wants responsible gambling measures to improve and will launch a study on how current ones perform.

Australia.- Problem gamblers are a major concern in the gaming industry. That’s why the New South Wales Government is pushing responsible gambling measures to prevent it.

The authorities want to conduct a study and assess how effective current measures are. That way, it will seek for better ways to protect consumers from gambling-related harm.

The Government’s Responsible Gambling Fund commissioned the study, which will focus on the state’s Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG). 

Central Queensland University will carry out the research, undertaking an anonymous survey and focus groups with RCG competency cardholders.

“There has not been a recent comprehensive examination undertaken in NSW into the effectiveness of RCG training,” director of the Office of Responsible Gambling, Natalie Wright, said.

“We are committed to working towards zero gambling harm in NSW. We need to ensure we have a dynamic and robust standard of RCG training for all accredited staff to support them to prevent gambling harm in our communities,” she added.

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