New Mexico anti-gambling group pushes for illegal DFS ruling

In New Mexico, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has been a hot debate over the past few days, with an anti-gambling activist pushing for illegal DFS ruling.

US.- Daily Fantasy Sports has been the axis of a hot debate as anti-gambling activists firmly oppose the sectors legalisation. The group opposing DFS in New Mexico is called the Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico.

The group is trying to push lawmakers to deem daily fantasy sports and illegal activity. Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico’s members are convinced that if DFS is legalised, then the door will be opened for other online gambling interest groups who will begin to try and offer sports betting as well as casino gambling online in the state.

Dr. Guy Clark, who is an activist of the group, released the article which stated that some people have more skill than others when it comes to gambling but the definition of gambling still holds. For the more than 90 percent of DFS players who lose consistently, the skill factor does not seem to have anything to do with it. Clark stressed that he feels the more important issue is that legalising the activity will allow the “multi-billion-dollar gambling industry” to use DFS as a way to open the door to legalising online gambling, which would include sports betting, poker and casino online activities.

However, Senator John Ryan of the state, along with Representative Nate Gentry, do not agree with Clark. Both lawmakers have stated that they see DFS as a game of skill and nothing more and, what is more, both want to see the activity legalised in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Gaming Control Act states that prohibited gaming is, by definition, an activity in which, upon payment of consideration, a player receives a prize or other thing of value, the award of which is determined by chance even though accompanied by some skill.