New Jersey committee to discuss legislation to extending online gambling

New Jersey legalised online gambling in 2013.
New Jersey legalised online gambling in 2013.

The New Jersey Assembly committee will discuss advancing a bill to extend legal online gambling for another 10 years.

US.- New Jersey lawmakers are to begin looking at legislation to extend online gambling for a further 10 years. An Assembly committee is set to discuss a bill on the issue.

New Jersey legalised online gambling for ten years in 2013. New legislation would push the current expiration back from 2023 to 2033. The Assembly members will discuss advancing to the next step in the legislative process. That will require several rounds of approval before Governor Phil Murphy can sign off on the move.

Assemblyman Don Guardian, a former mayor of Atlantic City, said: “Internet gaming has proven to be an integral part of gaming in New Jersey. It’s one of the reasons we still have casinos in New Jersey.”

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Assemblyman Ralph Caputo added: “The casino industry was subsiding. It was collapsing at the time. It’s been very helpful in terms of keeping the lights on in Atlantic City. We can’t do without that. Internet gambling ‘kept those casinos afloat through a very difficult time.’”

Since 2013, online betting in the state has generated almost $5bn for casinos, without taking into account additional sports betting revenue. New Jersey’s casinos brought in nearly $1.4bn from internet gaming in 2021, a 41 per cent increase over the $970m reported in 2020.

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