New Hampshire is near casino legislation

New Hampshire Senate has recently passed the expected casino bill SB 242, which proposes two new legal casinos in the State.

US.- Last Thursday the State of New Hampshire took a step forward to new casino legislation, SB 242. The State’s Senate has recently passed the latest gaming bill, which would grant two casino licenses for new venues. The gaming project obtained the green light after last week’s vote that resulted in 13-10. Both casinos would be opened by 2021.

New Hampshire would allow two new authorised casinos, although the bill doesn’t establish the areas where the gaming venues would be located. However, the SB 242, introduced by Senator Lou D’Allesandro, does determine that both casinos would operate 240 table games and 5,000 slot machines in total, as authorities revealed. It is the first casino legislation that has been passed by the Senate of New Hampshire.

The bill was also evaluated by the State’s Finance Committee after the Senators approved the project earlier this month. As the Committee considered the project was rightful, it was returned to the Senate, where the second vote was held last week. Now, the House of Representatives will assess the casino bill.

New Hampshire Senate will also debate the legalisation of the bingo game Keno in the upcoming weeks. According to the State Lottery Commission, the new casinos would generate over US$194 million dollars during the first year of operation. Gaming revenues would be invested in host communities and counties, and neighbouring areas.

“While New Hampshire has done nothing, surrounding states now have gaming entities. They advertise on our TV stations and we send buses of New Hampshire residents to those other states to gamble. It’s time for New Hampshire to do something. No state that has done this has crumbled,” commented Lou D’Allesandro.