Nebraska senator pushes for cap on casinos

Nebraska only drew up its casino legislation this year.
Nebraska only drew up its casino legislation this year.

With casinos still yet to open after Nebraska’s regulation of the sector, Senator Tom Briese is pushing for limits on numbers.

US.- New casino restrictions could be on the horizon for Nebraska, even before venues open following the state’s legalisation of the industry.

Despite the paint barely having dried on the fresh legislation, Senator Tom Briese is pushing for new rules. He warns a cap on casinos, arguing that there could be too many because many businesses want a part of the market.

He said: “There really are multiple avenues that, that I could take in that regard. It could be an outright cap on the number, we could limit the number of casinos based on geographical proximity to existing casinos, or we might require a minimum number of races to be conducted at the tracks before they could be issued a license.”

The lawmaker could propose new regulations through Congress. He has some support within the gaming industry.

Lynne McNally of Nebraska Horsemen said: “Part of our commitment during the campaign was not only to keep the money in Nebraska, but that these facilities were not going to be next to every church and school in every county of the state. So, we feel strongly that they should be limited.”

“(There) are five new applications (for casinos), there are six existing racetracks in the state. So, if all five were approved, that would bring the total to 11,” she warned.

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