Nebraska may include casino gamble vote on ballot

For the third time, supporters are trying to bring casino gambling proposals to the November ballot.

US.- Supporters of casino gambling in Nebraska are trying for the third time to include the issue on November’s ballot, as they believe at this point, voters are ready to approve. Advocates claim nearly US$500 million leave Nebraska every year because people gamble in neighboring states.

“I think with the passage of time, people have seen how we are just giving away so much revenue and so much business to the surrounding states because it’s literally all around us,” said Scott Lautenbaugh, spokesperson for Keep the Money in Nebraska.

The movement has begun collecting signatures last fall to bring three proposals to the November ballot. The first would amend the state constitution to allow all types of “games of chance” at horse racing tracks, the second one is a follow up legislative proposal that provides for taxation of the revenue from gambling and the third would set up the regulatory body to govern and approve the casinos.

However, the plan faces opposition. “It’s a very deceptive petition because they’re claiming it’s only going to be at the horse tracks but that’s not true,” said Pat Loontjer, an executive director of Gambling with the Good Life. “If we change our constitution, that’s going to allow unlimited Indian casinos.”